Printers we use

We also use HP Laser printers (5,5SI,5000) with great results. The 5SI is attached to the network with a jetdirect card in the busiest area (Production office). The others are shared though the Novell server print Q's. We used to use IBM/Lexmark for our tractor feed printing (checks/invoices/shippers) but when they needed repair it was cheaper to buy a new printer. We tried using an Epson LX300 ($179) and have been replacing the IBM's with those as needed. (I refer to them as disposable printers). Generic text works fine. Also, FYI, I'm getting the toner cartrige for the HP5 (C3973A) from CDW for $55. The HP5SI toner cartridge (C3909A) is $136. Is anyone finding them cheaper? I get many calls about cheaper re-manufacured toner but am hesitant to purchase.

Also, in reading some of last weeks comments on egroup and digests, I realise that I don't know how to delete ads and unwanted items before saving. I would like to know how to categorize into folders better also. Could someone give me some hints?

I don't often have much input, but I sure appreciate reading the problems and solutions shared on egroups. Thank you - Ann

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