Printing Invoices (again)


We are having a weird issue while trying to print an invoice batch.
If we have changed the invoice date to a prior month, when we run the new batch, it includes all the invoices printed/posted from that date.
For example - raising an adjusting credit/invoice for September in December. When I print the new credit/invoice it includes all invoices from that particular date in September.
I have tried changing several print settings and feel like this is maybe an obvious setting but can’t seem to work out where I am going wrong.
Any suggestions??
Thanks! A

I know using the “Save Defaults” in the actions menu can do some unwanted things to the invoice print screen. You may want to “remove defaults.”

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thanks @JasonMcD. This was enough to point me in the right direction and remove some print defaults that seems to have done the trick and resolved the error.