Printing non sequential Job Order Picks

We are currently running E11 on our test database before we Go Live. I would like to create a customization for our Raw Material team. It is the order pullers responsibility to print the picks prior to pulling materials.

Due to our process for releasing jobs for picking, they will not have jobs in a sequential order all the time (IE. 150,375, 490), so it would be easier if they could just type numbers they need, rather than search each time using the standard Job Pick List Report.

Using Application studio, I have been able to get this working with a ~ separating each work order number, which is better than standard, but I would like to improve this prior to User Acceptance Testing if possible, as its more intuitive. The perfect setup would be text box of work orders, separated by newline returns, but I am not sure how to generate this type of functionality in E11 Kinetic.

I have used updateable Dashboards to check a UD PrintJobTraveler checkbox along with a Data Directive auto print once the click save on the dashboard.