Printing taking too long

Our printing is taking way to long. I have restarted the SQL Reporting but that did not help. Anything else you can think of besides restarting the server?

In the System Monitor, are tasks stuck in Active Tasks or Scheduled Tasks?

Nothing in the active, and the scheduled has nothing out of the norm

Next time you print something, watch the System Monitor while waiting for it to print and see where the task is listed. The solution varies depending on if it appears in Scheduled or Active tasks, in my experience.

It appears in the Active tasks. Just tried while you were typing as I thought that was where you were going to go.

Well restarting SSRS was a good first step, then. I think next you could try restarting the ICE task agent-- if I remember correctly, you have to restart both of those.

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For all performance issue, start with the PDT (Performance and Diagnostic Tool) and it’s corresponding help. That is a first step to finding basic config issues and then can be used to dig into tracing and find who is spending all the time doing what.


@Bart_Elia I will do that! Tahnks for the info! Thankfully the restarting of the services fixed the issue.