Printing work instructions with job traveler

Is anyone using Codebears to print work instructions with job travelers. We are looking at the integration of this into our system but they do not provide limited access for trials. The key point for us is to get the information from the part master file and not load it into every job as an attachment.

I cant speak to the codabears stuff, but I do know that @josecgomez recently made something just like this as well.

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I also believe that Epicor has a prebuilt extension solution the does this.

Search for it on epic web.


APM+ does this.
There isn’t a built in process, but SSRS can dynamically print images (not PDFs).
I have done many things with simple images.

I never knew about the pre built extensions, I will have to have a look into those… Do you have to pay for them or are they a nice bonus for being on maintenance?


I think people are referring to this product?

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Are you talking about their “Job Packet Printer” application?

We are using that to print travelers with attachments and it works as advertised.

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Yes that’s what’s I’m talking about and thanks for the input!