PrintKey 2000

I will certainly do so. I'll zip up a copy and send it off. I'll also see that its posted with other files from our group.

Shirley Graver
Sys Admin
Rubber Associates
The freeware version is on the Vantage@Egroups web site in the files as

Dave Cole
Reeder & Kline

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Sent: Wednesday, August 16, 2000 2:26 PM
Subject: [Vantage] PrintKey 2000

At 03:20 PM 8/16/2000 , you wrote:
>I do use PRINTKEY 2000 for my screen prints. This is freeware available at

Shirley - I tried to find PrintKey 2000 when it was mentioned here a few
weeks ago (was that you?) Apparently, the author is now selling it as
"PrintKey Pro" or something, and I couldn't find the old free-ware one on
the 'net.

Could you email me a copy of the free-ware 2000 version, or post it on

-Thanks, Wayne Cox





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