Priority Dispatch Add Previous and Next Resource

Should the Priority Dispatch report be showing unfirmed jobs? Has anyone ever written a BAQ for a dashboard that would replicate the Priority Dispatch report? I’m getting down a path here and thinking a BAQ Report may be a better route than trying to keep messing with the RDD of the default Priority Dispatch.

Just look at the Resource Group schedule board. It’s the exact same data, and includes unfirm jobs.

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OK Scratch the unfirmed jobs thing.
I am trying to add the previous resource to the report along with the next resource. I added JobOper to the RDD in hopes to do a little match in the query to select the previous or next operation. However, it appears that JobOper is only bringing in the operations that are already on the report. For instance, if the operation is completed, it does not make it to my report. Is there a better way to get these resources? I realize that the report has a resourceID already on it for NextResource, but we found that it does not display correctly when the resource group has multiple resources available in it. Plus, we want the previous resource also, which doesn’t populate at all.

You want a custom dispatch report, if I’m understanding you correctly.

Yes I am trying to modify if / create a new one. Ideally I’d modify the existing one - but I am prepared to start over with a BAQ report if necessary.

My past experience with the information that constitutes the dispatch reports is that it is not a simple table, rather a combination of open operations and labor reporting. I don’t fully understand how it is put together.

It took 18 months to get a custom load report that segregated hours by type (available, planned, pending). Hopefully you have more resources available to you and can shorten that time up.