Priority Dispatch Region Code - Help Needed

Im in the process of building our priority dispatch report using a baq. I have almost everything down I just need to figure out where “Region Code”, what dictates current, available, and expected work, is coming from. Does anyone know?

Per some old notes of mine…
Operations are prioritized to a “region” according to three categories:

CURRENT WORK - Operation is ready to be worked on.

  • Operation has been started (actual hours > 0)
  • Operation is first on an assembly with no children assemblies OR previous operations have no load (100% complete).

AVAILABLE WORK - Operation can be worked on, but is limited by previous operation.

  • The previous operation has at least one piece that is completed.

EXPECTED WORK - Operation has no parts to work on because the previous operation has not yet started or has no quantity completed.

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building this out in a BAQ CAN be done, but it is tough… to figure out the CURRENT work you need to figure out if the previous operation is completed. Finding out the “previous” operation is probably the tough part. you need to examine the immediate predecessor.

I have a BAQ mostly built. I need some assistance on figuring out resource groups and resources listed on the report.

I assume that in most cases they are coming from the JobOpDtl table, but I have noticed that in some instances we have operations that do not have them listed. However, when I run a standard priority dispatch report I see that they have something listed. I believe this is stemmed from the listed capability. If this is the case how would I go about picking a resource group listed under a capability?