Priority Dispatch Report

We’re having issues with the Priority Dispatch Report where some jobs are not showing up. Has anyone else encountered this issue and if so what did you do to correct the problem?

Jonathan lang

Okay, well I’m batting a 100 on this site lately for no answers or comments. Pretty soon I’m going to think I have hygiene issues, LOL!

I did figure this one out and I thought I would share since it’s been brought up several times in our history.

The priority Dispatch is based off of Resources and Resource Groups. So if we have a Job that is not showing up on the Priority Dispatch Report we need to open Job Tracker, input the Job Number, and click on our operation(s). This will automatically bring us to the Job Details --> Operations --> Details screen. On the same tab row as Detail we need to click the Scheduled Resources --> Detail tab. In that screen there MUST be a Resource or Resource Group listed. Now click on the Scheduled Resources --> Scheduled Resources tab. This is the Job Resources screen. There must be at least one listed here as well.

If a Resource is not listed or shown on each tab, no Priority Dispatch for you! :slight_smile:

Problem solved. Case Closed. I hope this helps you all. Maybe one of these days you all can answer one for me… LOL!

Jonathan Lang


Thank you for the good information, I was missing certain assembly operations in my PD report as well and what you described was missing in those ASM numbers

I’m always glad to help. :slight_smile: