Problem with EpiRetrieverCombo

I’m trying to add an EpiRetrieverCombo to a dashboard and for some reason it’s being glitchy. It’s a runtime dashboard. Nothing too fancy. When I go to customize the tracker, I can add the combo. (It’s the HelpDeskTopicCombo if that matters). Right after saving the customization I can close it, and it works in the dashboard. No problem.

But if I close and re-open the dashboard, the combo doesn’t return anything.

Anyone have any idea what I could be doing wrong?

I can also set the dashboard prompt from true to false. Save the dashboard, close, reopen, the go from false to to true and it will work until I close it again.

I’ve had this issue before run-time dashboards are flaky… I usually end up deploying the dashboard and then putting the dropdowns in… (not ideal)

I might just re-do the tracker. I’m pretty sure the drop downs come in automatically, but I had already customized to add the date range so I could just click the check box to add them in. I also might adjust the date thing to get 2 dates in the BAQ like @ckrusen had suggested before. It would be easier than the date range customization.

Plus, I don’t think I can add the filter like that after I deploy it, can I? :thinking:

Interesting development, even when I select the topics from the tracker properties, the drop downs don’t work.

I’ve found it difficult (if not impossible) to edit a dashboards structure (links between query, display, and tracker) after customizing the tracker. At least wen it comes to changing properties of the Tracker

I ended up just making BAQ combos because I couldn’t get the retriever combo to work. Annoying.