Problem with JobShip in JobTrav RDD

I made a fresh copy of the JobTrav RDD and SSRS reports. In the copy of the report, I want to add some fields from the JobShip Table. The issue I am running into is the fields from JobShip do not show on the report and it doesn’t seem like the table can be added to the report RDL or at least I get errors when I try to add JobShip. Another puzzling things I’ve seen is the JobShip does not appear to be linked to the JobHead or any table that is linked.

Has anyone run into this issue or a have a potential solution?

One thing to keep in mind with RDDs is that while the data sources look like they are referencing DB tables, they might actually be a dataset created by the RDD that just happens to have a name similar to a DB table.

Keep in mind that the Calculated fields wil look like this in the SSRS data: JopShip.Calc_Shipaddr1.

To Use the JobShip Table in your SSRS report you need to link it in de DataSet Query using a Left Outer Join if it is not already there. Make a join using the fields JobShip.Company and JobShip.Calc_JobNum. to the JobHead.Company and JobHead.JobNum. If It’s there already, make sure that the fields you want to use are in the query as wel. Check for Tx.Calc_Adrr1 where X is the Table number inside the SSRS Dataset query.

It seems kind of weird. The JobShip table in included in the RDD, but there is no relationship. How does that work?

Don’t forget that built-in RDD’s aren’t just a query. There is magic code running behind the curtain that is used to populate the temp tables. used by the SSRS report.

Thanks for the help. I was able to get add the ShipTo table via the OrderHed table and now have everything I need.