Process Advisor-Power Automate

I got an email from Microsoft highlighting their in-preview Process Advisor tool. It looks like this tool helps to identify workflows and potential bottlenecks.

Automating automation with RPA and process mining—available for Power Automate - Microsoft Power Platform Blog

I wonder if something like this could be leveraged with regard to processes in Epicor, particularly on the processes like customer service, where some tasks occur in Epicor and some do not.
Anyone used this before, or something similar?

@Aaron_Moreng, we are looking at Power Automate and similar tools. I will share what we find along the way.

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I thought I would start messing with Power Automate Desktop today and believe it or not. There is an invoke webservice method and a download from web actions. The invoke webservice looks promising. I’m pretty sure you could fire the token service and store the token in a variable and go from there.

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What have you found? Any updates?