Process Calling Lot Attribute entry

I recently had to add a customization to the Lot Attribute entry screen. It took me forever to find this in menu maintenance because it isn’t actually in the menu anywhere. In menu maintenance it is there under Processes.

My question is, how do I enable Process Calling for Lot Attribute? I ask because we also have customization on Lot Entry. In menu maintenance, I see that Lot Entry calls Erp.UI.LotNumberEntry but it also shows that Lot Attribute calls the same Erp.UI.LotNumberEntry. I can only assign one process to call for Erp.UI.LotNumberEntry, so it seems that in Process Calling I have to pick between applying one Menu ID (Lot Entry) or applying the other MenuID (Lot Attribute) therefore only one of the customizations can be applied. What am I missing? Is this just not possible?

I did this, but recently I un-did it since we don’t use that functionality anymore so I don’t have a current config to show you.
LotNumberEntry is still the form you’ll call. This documentation is like 5 years old but basically I set up a non-menu item in the Processes section and applied by attribute entry customization there

then, I created a process calling maintenance entry (ignore the called from if you want it to always go there, otherwise you’ll need a unique entry from each calling form) and point it your your new non-menu item.


Ahhhhh, ok. Nice work, and what a wonderful first name you have. Thank you!

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