Process Calling vs. Context Menu Maintenance

So I have for a year or so been using Process Calling to get customizations to be applied when right-clicking instead of using the menu icon. Today someone pointed me to Context Menu Maintenance, which seems to be a better fit for applying the customizations to right-clicks. Can anyone who has experience with both briefly explain why one would want to use one over the other? At this point I don’t understand why both exist.

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Context Menu Maintenance should be used to Customize or Personalize the Right-Click Context Menu Options. You can Modify or Delete the base Epicor options or you can Add new ones (Dashboard that Searches on the Context Menu “Like”). The changes made in Context Menu Maint apply to all instances of that Context Menu “Like”.

Process Calling records are applied whenever a Form is called via code - Action Menu, Button Click, Context Menu, etc. - and allows for a more granular behavior in that you can alter the Menu ID called based on the UI making the call.

When the base Epicor code calls a UI from within a Form (typically Action Menu or Button Click), the coder does not reference a Menu ID and instead references the DLL to Load. If a Process Calling record has not been defined, the Epicor framework uses the DLL name to lookup the Menu ID to load (so security can be applied) and while the rules / algorithm for the lookup are defined, the result can vary from one User to another based on Menu structure and user permissions.

If you want to modify the Menu Items referenced by the Context Menu for all instances of that Context Menu “Like”, I suggest Context Menu Maintenance. If you want to modify the target of a Coded call or want to conditionally modify a call based on the Form making the call, use Process Calling.


How do I pass a value to the context menu. I created a Where Used context menu but it disn’t pass the part number. I ended up running a where used on ALL PARTS!

Hey Randy -

I tested in 10.1.600.38 and 10.2.700.28 and the Part Where Used UI successfully loaded with just the Part ID passed from the Part UI where I tested the Open With.

Steps to Setup:
Open Context Menu Maintenance and Select the Customization Mode option on the top of the form.
Enter Part.PartNum for the Context Menu ID
Select “New Context Menu Item” from the toolbar menu
Part Where Used for the Menu Item Name
Base Form for the Process Type
SVTK1078 for the Process ID

Saved Changes

I then ran the Part Maintenance UI (you may need to logout and back in prior to this step) and I loaded a Part. Right Click on the Part field and selected the newly added “Part Where Used” option and it opened the Part Where Used UI with the Part ID from the Part Maintenance form.