Process/report/dashboard opening all on 1 click

epicor version 9.05.701

Problem: Really strange occurrence, I’ve got 1 user only that every time they click on a process (left or right click once) it opens the process …it should be 2 left clicks, so i’m confused.
The user is trying to add to his favourites but obviously having a hard time when the process just keeps opening.

I logged in as the user on a different pc, it does the same thing, so i tried resetting layouts to base, but it didn’t fix it.

Try purging personalizations for that user. If they really, really, need some of them (like a grid with a specific layout for Pasting into), try focusing on personalizations related to the main menu system.

i’ve deleted all his personalisations - see if that fixes it tomorrow. He didn’t have many and they weren’t major ones.

purging the personalisations didn’t work…but deleting the user and then recreating him did.
So with that said, i assume it was a corrupt / dodgy profile maybe.

What do you mean by “deleting the user” ??

Once a userID is referenced by certain transactions, the user’s record cannot be deleted. It can only be marked as Inactive.

the system allowed me to go into user security, select the user, delete (by hitting the red cross) the company assigned to the user and then delete the user too.
You can also disable the user, but this wouldn’t have worked.

This must be something new. We have 80 users configured and all but 20 are disabled.

Was able to delete a bunch deleting one gives me the error:

“Delete not allowed. Referenced by at least one Buyer”

Even though I went through all the Buyers and removed that user from the authorized user list

my user wasn’t a buyer, so wasn’t “linked” quite in that way

I was surprised I could delete the others. Even users that had ParTran and GL Trans associated with them.

But maybe that relationship was as rigid as I thought, and that the “enteredby” fields are just for history, and not an actual relationship with the user record.