Procontrol (A mind of its own?)

I have been getting a number of Error Reading Socket errors on my workstations recently. You know the one when a workstation tries to connect with progress down on the server.
When I review the event log and check systems everything if fine and dandy. No alert errors. How ever scattered lightly through the eventlog are two events from Procontrol. The first is a message that Procontrol has been started. The second event is that Procontrol has been stopped. The elapsed time on all the events is 5 Seconds and only occasionally. A couple of times or 3 a month. The only reason I became of this is that it occured while I was watching. I have the only server access (so its not someone playing. Becase the E.T. is so short not everyone gets the Err Reading Socket message. It almost appears as if everything BLINKS briefly.

by the way anybody else having trouble with the Vantage web site.

Shirley Graver
Sys Admin
Rubber Associates Inc.