Product Configurator - accessing INPUT properties

You could call the same BAQ and checks its results as part of an on-leave event.  Then assign it back to the combo box. 

Another option is to use the program call approach which gives you the option of passing back an answer when there is only one value.  ud/test/GetTableData.p will return a single value if the results of its query is one value.  This can also be used to pass back a default answer.  I find the program call a bit faster than a BAQ though it does require some progress experience to tweak.

Jim Kinneman

Encompass Solutions, Inc.

Has anyone tried accessing the properties of an INPUT via ABL?

I have a BAQ filling a combo input but it's not selecting the item.
I'm using the combo to replace the part or part assembly so I want to
automatically select the item if it's the only one in the list but not
if there is more than one to choose. I know how to do it in C# but
don't know how to get a handle to the control on the form from ABL.


Mark W.