Product Configurator: Calling Dynamic Query from On Leave in ABL

Yes, the temporary table names and which data-set they are in is also are in the ds.i file.

Jim Kinneman
Encompass Solutions, Inc.
(Yeah, yeah, Epicor 10....) In the mean time, I'd like to be able to call a BAQ from a Page On Leave. So far I have:

DEF var hProc as HANDLE.
RUNbo\DynamicQuery\DynamicQuery.r PERSISTENT SET hProc.

/* So far so good - Now do a GetByID to return the BAQ */

  RUN GetByID IN hProc (input "UFM-MYBAQ", output dataset QueryDesignDataSet).

Not sure how to declare the return dataset. The Check Syntax returns an error.

Thanks for any pointers!!!

Mark W.

You need to include the ds.i file for the related BO.  They are located in server/bo/nameofbo.

Example is for sales order but other bo work the same.  in the ds.i will be the shorthand/macro for the data-set along with the temp tables.


run GetNewOrderHed in hSalesOrder ({&input-output_dataset_SalesOrderDataSet}).

Jim Kinneman

Encompass Solutions, Inc

Jim Kinneman

Encompass Solutions, Inc

Bingo Jim!

One more question: What's the syntax of referencing items in the result datasets? They're not ttTables are they?


Mark W.