Product Configurator Repricing

Is it possible to trigger a product configurator user defined method that calculates pricing without opening the configurator such as through a BPM? After a price increase, we have a challenge repricing a quote with a configurator line in ECC. Standard Epicor parts can be repriced by running a MSQ xml message. However, it does not including pricing for configured parts. The configurator has to be reopened and saved to recalculate pricing. We need to recalculate the pricing on configurator lines without forcing the user to open and save each configurator line.

I like to think most things are possible with enough time and effort, but this one I suspect will test your resolve. There isn’t a single call for it as you can see by doing a trace and the relevant code is wrapped up in several places. Unless you have a very specific use case for the thing you’re wanting to do, then it sounds like you are going to have to trigger an event on price change to identify open quotes and orders, reprice them all, and send the details to ECC where they have changed to allow them all to be in sync (Which could get tripped up by ECC led discounts that Kinetic isn’t aware of).

All that said, the question has been asked before internally, so there maybe something out there I’m not aware of.

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