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I am able to Populate the values to Drop Down via Dynamic List using the Hard Coded Parameters to a BAQ.
But When I try to filter using the previous control value to the BAQ Parameter the values are not populating to the Dynamic List.

Did Anybody tried this in E10 Configurator Designer.


Hi Lakshmi,

I am new to using the configurator, so by no means am expert, however maybe what we do for ours may help you with this too. On the preceding control, do you you run a Refresh.DynamicList on applicable dynamic lists, that change based on preceding control selection? This is done “on field changed” on the preceding control, like this:




One danger with the OnFieldChange event is that it fires the instant it is changed.

Say control B depends on Control A, so an A.OnFieldChange() is used. If a user changes A(but doesn’t leave the control), B can update, and the prior value of B may change. They then change A back to what it was, B may not return to what it was.

It would be better if that didn’t fire until the control lost focus (you left by tabbing out, or clicking another control).


The above isn’t 100 percent correct. Clicking an item on the dropdown list of a combo control fires the event. If the control has focus and you use the keyboard (either typing the desired entry or using the arrows keys), the event doesn’t fire until you leave that control.

Thanks for the reply

Using BAQ When I am adding the Dynamic List Criteria the value is not getting populated thats the issue.

How to add the Criteria


When I am adding first condition its working and when I add the second its working and after adding the third condition the values are not getting populated.

If try in reverse manner always when I assign the thirdor sometimes fourth condition its not working…

When that BAQ is run in BAQ designer, the expected rows appear?

Does your BAQ have parameters? They should all be set to “Skip condition if empty”.

Note that while this is an option on parameter types Int, Decimal and Bool, they will always have a value. For example, a param of type Int is set to 0 when the control loses focus and it is blank.

BAQ Parameters can’t accessed in DynamicListCriteria…

But if they exist in the BAQ, and the Skip condition if empty is FALSE and there is no default value set, the data set won’t generate properly.

For example:

  • A simple BAQ on PartBin with Parameter:

  • A table criteria of
    PartBin.OnHandQty < @Test_Int parameter

  • Made a BAQ Report (no options or filters)

That BAQ Report only includes records with OnHandQty < 10.
(I.E. - The paramter’s default value is applied to the table criteria)

Changing the BAQ Report Param to

And re-running the BAQ Report yields a report with that table criteria ignored (PartBins with QOH > 10).
(I.E. - The paramter’s default value is not applied to the table criteria)


Changing the BAQ Report Param to Skip condition if empty = TRUE && no default,

and re-running the BAQ Report yields an error,

With the Sys Monitor showing:
The parameter 'Test_Int' has no value specified and empty value is not allowed.

So in a nutshell, since BAQs called by the Configurator don’t set paramters, there may conditions where the BAQ cannot execute.

Can you please share the steps for DynamicList Criteria… depending upon the previous selection…

Hi Nancy,

It worked for me… :slight_smile:

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When I reference the Previous DropDown in the next DropDownlist the values in the previous dropdown list is getting refreshed… but no where I am doing this.

Any one faced the same issue…

One thing that might not be obvious at first, is that a Dynamic List on a Combo is actually a list of lists.

Say you have ComboA that is a basic list of color types (Primary, Blends and Metallic). And you want the selection of that combo to drive what Combo B shows. There are several ways to do this.

ComboB has a single dynamic list that built via a BAQ

  • C# Condition: return true;
  • DataSource: BAQ
    • Add BAQ Criteria with “ComboA configurator input” as the Value From

This will populate the list for ComboB with the results from the BAQ, using ComboA as a criteria to that BAQ. This would require your BAQ to accept the value of input Combo1 as a parameter for the BAQ, and whose results were exactly as you desired.

ComboB has a 3 dynamic list that are each static

  • Dynamic List 1
    • C# Condition: return (Inputs.epiPcUltraCombo1.Value == "Primary" ? true : false);
    • DataSource: Predefined List
      • Add the colors: Red, Yellow, Blue
  • Dynamic List 2
    • C# Condition: return (Inputs.epiPcUltraCombo1.Value == "Blends" ? true : false);
    • DataSource: Predefined List
      • Add the colors: Orange, Green, Violet
  • Dynamic List 3
    • C# Condition: return (Inputs.epiPcUltraCombo1.Value == "Metallic" ? true : false);
    • DataSource: Predefined List
      • Add the colors: Mt Red, Mt Blue, Mt Green

This will populate the list for ComboB with one of those predeifned lists, using ComboA as a criteria for which list to use.

Do any one know how we can configure the configurator to drive to next parent to child configurator while testing the inputs

Can you please let me know how to Get the SubConfigurator from the Parent Part.
Looking for a support. The Next Child Part Page will be opened.


It Worked for me Please let me know if anybody come across similar problem.

Thanks for the Support