Programmatically navigate to next page in Configurator via Button click

Does anyone know if I can programmatically navigate to the next page of a configurator via code? I want navigate to the next page on my button click, but I’m unsure about what object code I can hook into (if any)?

Any ideas?




You could in the Epicor 9 Configurator. As always, do a trace (turn on before you click the standard next page and then off) and see what the Business Objects are doing.

Nobody knew of a way last time this was asked:

Clicking the navigation buttons at the top is not always the most intuitive to users. As a possible alternative, I figured I’d add a button at the bottom-right of the configurator (shown above in the screen shot) to navigate to the next page.

Yeah, I can see that. If its really important to you, you could mimic page changes by hiding/showing controls, but that would make design awkward.

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Yeah, probably don’t want to go the “one page” route… I found the dependency Erp.UI.ConfigurationRunttimeEntry that appears to have some PageChanged

Have you ever hooked into this dependency?

I think that wouldn’t actually change the page, just trigger the event. Last time I looked the actual methods for changing the page were on the ConfigurationController and in-accessible.

You can give it a try though, just remember once you start using reflection and tricks like that your configurator is gonna be more prone to breaking on upgrades and such.

Also, thinking down the road, with Kinetic there’s probably going to be another model change with Configurator too. I cannot imagine the compiled configurator .dll will continue unless Epicor uses WASM and Blazor.

An external Configurator that use no inputs might be a path for you.

The traces definitely doesn’t show anything related to the page changing.

It might be more work than its worth… I’ll wait on this for now. Thanks for your insights @Mark_Wonsil and @Evan_Purdy!