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We have machine programming as one of our operations and we’d like to make sure programming is complete before jobs hit the floor. We want to have material available and programming done before jobs are released. Once jobs are released, they go to production board. If I understand correctly, operations can’t be complete if jobs aren’t released yet?.. which is where we run into our issue. Anyone have a similar issue where more needs to happen before something can hit the production floor and how you capture that time?

@dpassenant You could look at using JobHead.Checkoff1-5 for showing steps are done before a job is released. I have not added LaborDtl records on an Unreleased job, but it might work. You could also hold the date, start and end time in Date01, Number01, Number02, etc and then on change of status from engineered to released if CheckOffx is true make a backflush record for the programming operation.

You can use setup time for that if you want to capture time on the programming side you’ll still have to release the job but you can make the setup required so you can’t bypass it with a BPM

Or you can make the programmed board a sub assembly of the job and have that require it’s own programming only job

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You could have programming as a part on a separate job, and then it’s required on the bill of materials for the production job. If the programming part number is marked as constrained, the production job must wait for it before starting.

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