Project Tracker - More - Summary - Detail Hours - from where?

Wonder if anyone has any ideas on how E10 is calculating values in tracker grid?
Project Tracker --> More --> Summary --> Detail Hours sheet

  • Estimated & Actual hours/costs - summarized by JCDept.

I’ve looked at a couple places for the JCDept but neither seemed quite right.

a.) ProjectAnalysis table, where it has an OperationWorkCenter and OperationWorkCenterDept.
b.) Tables JobOper --> JobOpDtl --> ResourceGroup.JCDept

Ref screen shot

And details from trace below
businessObject:… Erp.Proxy.BO.ProjSummaryImpl
methodName:… ProjectCostsHours
returnType:… Erp.Tablesets.ProjSummaryTableset

Thanks in advance for any feedback.
Feeling like I’m forgetting something simple today.

The department is assigned to the resource group. I believe it just says department though instead of job costing department. Same thing though.

The system should be using the labor rate on the resource group used by that department to calculate the Estimate Cost. The Estimate hours should be coming from the WBS Jobs associated to the project for the estimated hours. The actual hours will come from the LaborDtl table grouped by JCDept field in this table for the entry from the person or employee assignment. The labor rate in this detail record multiplied by the labor hours for the detail record will equal the actual labor cost for the entry.

The resource group should have a defined burden rate as well. This will be used for the Estimate Burden calculation. You will then find a burden rate column in LaborDtl that will be used for the Actual Burden rate calculation.

I hope this helps you out. Been a while since I dug into this very deeply, but I believe this is the basics of these calculations.

Worst case, I found my old shop load report notes.
Confirmed [quote=“jeowings, post:3, topic:54881”]
I believe this is the basics of these calculations.

I just started out with the assumption that all the details I’d need would be in the ProjectAnalysis table. This seems to hold true for the actuals - but… I still haven’t cracked how to use it to match the estimates.

Just an FYI… ProjectAnalysis did turn out to have the raw data I needed.
It took some time to figure out the filtering by LineSource/LineCode and locating the appropriate values to link/sum by things like JCDept and Part Class & match the project tracker.