PROMON fails

A PROMON problem has cropped up on one of our systems. It looks like the
usual and well known issue with incorrect shortcut information, but does not
respond to the documented fixes.

When PROMON is started from either the command prompt or the shortcut, with
the correct database and start-in directories specified, it fails. When
running it from the command prompt a "MsgOpen: cannot open message file:
PROMSGS" error can be seen.

PROMSGS has been verified and the path environment variable on the server is

PROCFG and PROMSGS environment variables are not set on the server. DLC
environment variable is set correctly by the registry.

The _mprshut.exe executable and promsgs.dll have been replaced with known
good ones from the same patch level.

The database in question has been backed up and restored to our test server
and PROMON connects to it correctly on that server.

As far as possible, the two servers have been compared for all registry,
environment, patch levels and security/permission settings and are the same.

We are completely stumped on this one. Any ideas?

John A. Hannaford
Corp. I.T. Mgr.
Precision Resource