Promon on Progress 9.0

If you go to epicor's eranet website and search the answerbook by typing in
Promon and click Vantage and then search, you will get the following

Page: 644MPS
Summary: PG Setup of PROMON for Vantage 4.00
AnswerBook: Vantage ChangeRequests

Page ID 644MPS

How do I setup PROMON for Vantage 4.00?


On the NT Server using Windows Explorer, do the following:

1) Go to C:\Epicor\Progress\Bin, click on the bin folder to display it's

2) Right mouse click on the _mprshut.exe and choose "Create Shortcut"

3) Right mouse click on the newly created shortcut and choose "Properties"

4) Choose the Shortcut Tab

5) Add to the end of the target line: -0 c:\epicor\vantage\db\vantage.db
(*NOTE: -0 is a digit zero)

6) Apply the changes and click OK

7) Rename the new shortcut to PROMON

8) Copy and Paste (Do not drag) the PROMON icon to the desktop.
We just did the 4.0 install over the weekend in preparation to go to 5.0 and
have a problem with the system not allowing users to login. We get the
maximum number of users has been exceeded message. We have changed the data
collection stations so they are not using up full licenses but still get
this message. I would like to go onto Promon in Progress to view the current
users but don't know how to set this up in Progress 9.0. Can someone help me
setup Promon so I can view my current users or is there another issue that I
should be aware of that is creating this licenses problem? Thank you.

Peter McGuire
Lovejoy Chaplet Corp.
(518) 686-5232
Fax: 686-4919