Proper way to clear out Inspection processing

Some operators have been accidentally entering in scrap as non-conformance which has generated a plethora of NDRs that need to be cleared out. In the past whenever we needed to clear something within a list, i would make the changes in excel, paste the update, and save. But now, almost every single time i try to do this within inspection processing, i get an “Object reference not set to an instance of an object”, error. I have also gotten this exact error when trying to manually clear out an item on the list by just passing the parts. Every now and then i will get maybe 5 or 6 paste updates to work but then it’ll hit a road block and error out for some reason.

I have all the proper information and quantities that should have been normally scrapped out so i do not care about just approving all of these non conforming parts. I just need to clear this list as best i can. Any tips on how i can get this done? I have little to no C# experience but i do have access to DMT.

Do you have any customizations or BPMs running that may be affecting your update?

We do have a couple customizations running and i believe 1 or 2 BPM’s. What tables/fields within a BPM could affect the inspection processing update? Or is that way to broad of a question?

I would start with the BPM’s on the NonConf table in Data Directives or the InspProccessing/NonConf Method Directive objects.
Particularly look at any custom code and see if you’re trying to do something with uninitialized data.

You could check the UI as well to see if you have any scripting going on. If you just have UD fields, I wouldn’t worry about looking there too much.