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EUG was having a discussion about perfomance monitoring and this program came up as a means to have better visibility into the progress database.. I am apologizing now for the wall of text I am about to throw at you.

This is a quick little guide to get this setup and mostly working. There is a log file I havent gotten to that one of the forms tries to use. I am not the most experienced with progress so it may be a bit before I figure it out. Other than that most of the forms work

The version that I am going over is called "ProTop for .Net". This specific version is backwards compatible with OpenEdge 9 versions (vantage). If the report doesnt seem to work chances are that 9 didnt support it... at least thats what the authors notes say.

Does this work for MSSQL users? I have no clue.

Progress 10.2a x32
Windows XP or newer
Know the name of the server where Vantage/Epicor is installed
Know where progress is installed
Know the name of your database, default is mfgsys for epicor 9. Vantage I dont remember for sure.
Know what ports your database is useing. Epicor 9 default is 9400. I believe Vantage 8.03 is 8300. If you are unsure go to your Epicor/Vantage client\config folder and open up the default.mfgsys in notepad. Look for the value of AppServerURL under appSettings. Example being <AppServerURL value="AppServerDC://ERP:9401" />. look at ERP:9401. take the number and subtract 1 and that is number you need to know. So for default Epicor 9 its 9400.

Vantage users fear not! there is hope. Now i havent confirmed all of these steps for Vantage users as I am on Epicor 9, but hopefully it will get you in the right direction. You can use the OpenEdge Evaluation Kit from what I have read. Its available on the Progress website at this below link. If you do not have an account you will need to create one, which I believe is free.

Now if you are a progress x64 user you are required to install the x32 version on a machine different from x64 server.

Both Vantage and x64 users installing this you do not need to keep the Admin Service running. we are only needing the files from the install folders.

Next download the version of "ProTop for .Net" that applies to the version of 10.x progress you are using. Links are provided for both 10.2a and 10.2b. I do not know what version comes with the Eval. Everyone else should be grabbing the 10.2a. When downloading entering your email address is purely optional.

After downloading extract the Zip file. If you use the default folder name I highly recommend changing it to ProTop or something similar.

At this point you need to know where your progress installation is. The examples I am using are how I have it installed in my environment. Epicor 9 is setup in basically the same fashion as Vantage so it shouldnt be too much hassle to figure out where everything is. It is critical that you know where you installed it. You must also document where your final location for the ProTop folder is going to reside. I CHOSE to put mine in the folders with the progress install. I have tested and it doesnt matter where you put your ProTop folder.

Progress install Path Example: E:\epicor\oe102a\
Prowin32.exe Path Example: E:\epicor\oe102a\bin\prowin32.exe
Protop Folder Path Example: E:\epicor\ProTop\

you really only need the Prowin32.exe path, but if you know where the program is installed it makes it that much easier. If the path includes any spaces in it you will need to put quotes around the path. The same is true if your ProTop folder path has any spaces in it. Example below:

E:\Program Files\ProgressInstall would need to be documented as "E:\Program Files\ProgressInstall"

Using my example paths go to your ProTop folder, the example being E:\epicor\ProTop\ ... We need to edit the file called "". If you cannot see the .pf you need to enable the viewing of file extentions in your folder properties. If you do not have notepad as your editor select to open the file with it. there are alot of settings but in my setup I only had to set 3 of them. For those not familiar with the files the # signifies that anything after it is comments only and will not get executed.

I believe these settings should be accurate, but always make sure it matches your settings. make sure you are not using values that have # in front of them. The author of the program has it setup with sample data that can be overwritten. As for Vantage users it looks like the settings that are commented out for you are the same as the 10 users.

-db (database name here)
-S (server port here)
-H (vantage/epicor server name here)

For me the db is mfgsys, server port is 9400, and vantage/epicor server name is ERP. Using that information the only information i put in/change is as follows:

-db mfgsys
-S 9400

Save your changes and close the file.

Ok almost there. using my path examples go to E:\epicor\ProTop\etc ...... You should see a shortcut file in there called ProTopDotNET. Right click on it and select Properties and select the Shortcut tab. The "target" path and the "start in" path need to be updated. They need to be setup in the format below.

Target path: "prowin32.exe path" -pf " path"

Start in path: "ProTop path"

Example using my info. The good thing is if the first part of the target path is wrong or the start in path is wrong it wont let you save it until it is. as for the .pf part you have to make sure that is correct.

Target Path Example: E:\epicor\oe102a\bin\prowin32.exe -pf E:\epicor\ProTop\

Start in Path Example: E:\epicor\ProTop\

Now if you have spaces in your paths dont forget the " " around it.

Target Path Example with spaces: "E:\This Has Spaces\Progress\bin\prowin32.exe" -pf "E:\More Spaces\ProTop\"

Click ok to save the changes. Double click the ProTopDotNET shortcut and if all goes well you should have an interface in front of you after about 30 seconds to a minute depending on your speed.

The only caveat I have found is that this can only be run from the server it is setup on. After getting this setup on the server I attempted to run it on my desktop and ran into errors that I have been unable to resolve.

As always I leave it open to contact me if you have any questions. I prefer you post questions here so that others may see the solutions as well.

"Zac" Jason Woodward
Network Administrator
Intermountain Electronics, Inc.
O: 877-544-2291
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F: 435-637-9601

References used are below