Provide a way to restore ERP Data Only (no Reports, Customizations, BAQ, Dashboards, BPMs etc)

One thing that would be extremely useful for us developers is the ability to get a “fresh” copy of the data from say production without it affecting our customization, reports, baqs, dashboards etc.

Cirrus already provides a mechanism to get a “vanilla” copy of Epicor (no customization etc) it would be great if there was a way to do something similar to restore a Data Only backup of the DB to an existing Database.

The Ice tables are already mostly de-coupled from the production data so that shouldn’t be too difficult. This doesn’t even have to be a feature, maybe a Script can be made available to do so? We have several development environments and sometimes development takes a long time and the data gets stale pretty quickly.

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Even us non-consultant types would really benefit from this. Often times, we are working on various customizations in the dev environment at various stages of dev and testing, but we need updated data to work with - without all the extra export/import of our ‘WIP’ customizations.

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Yes Please!!