PSA: The real name of Percentage On Amount Overdue

For any future person wondering, Percentage On Amount Overdue does not exist as a setting in Company Configuration. The thing you actually want is Calculation Based on Days Overdue

Now, what am I talking about?

I am trying to understand Finance Charges (aka Finance/Late Charge, aka late fees). I wanted to edit the “Rate for Number of Days” field.

As you read about the setup in various Epicor (Kinetic) guides, eventually you’ll see a paragraph like this:

Well, if that setting ever existed, it’s not on E10 or Kinetic. Not by that name. Instead, it should say Calculation Based on Days Overdue.

I reported this to support, and the rep said he passed it on to the appropriate team. Hopefully someday this is corrected. But for now I could not find any hint of either phrase on this site, so here it is.

What, you people don’t get fired up about accounting settings?