Public service announcement regarding Unicode characters displaying as [] in your SSRS reports

If you have Unicode characters like ▼▲ ◄►↑↓→← in a field, and they display like the following in your SSRS report:

Check to make sure that the font being used on the expression/field in the report is actually installed on your Reporting Services server. The font we use by default is Arial Unicode MS, and as near as I can tell, it is usually installed on a machine when MS Office is installed on a machine. As most people probably don’t install Office on their Reporting Services server, that could be a problem.

From Wikipedia:

Arial Unicode MS is no longer available in Microsoft Office 2016.[6]
Arial Unicode MS - Wikipedia

Which points us to this:

so longer term individuals above my paygrade need to have a discussion about this.

On a completely unrelated note, I can say that MS has the ability to copy a font easily enough
and the name of the copied font file is ARIALUNI.TTF.

What one chooses to do with this information is completely beyond my control.

Changing the font on the report to one that supports those characters (for example, Arial) would work as well.


It is 2021 almost and Epicor still uses a Font that doesnt exist as the default.

“Legacy” …