Publish BAQ Parameter to Header

Is there a way to publish a BAQ parameter to a field label?

Not that I know of. The grid is rendered before the parameters are sent in.

You can simply add a calculated for each of them where the field is just the parameters. Then when you get it to a dashboard you can hide the columns, and show those values on a tracker view.

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You could also change the Grid Labels in a Customization AFTER you get it to the Dashboard like @Banderson suggests but you would need an event to hang it on.

Are the BAQ parameters visible to a BAQ Report? I’ believe the Options created in BAQ Report Designer are, but don’t know about the params from a BAQ

Say you wanted your report to have columns based on params like the OP’s example.

Expense            2019         2017
===============    =========    =========    
SHOP SUPPLIES      $1,234.56    $  786.54
UNIFORMS           $2,345.00    $3,200.12

With those two columns being the totals for the years entered in the BAQ Params