Pull-As-Assembly, Over-produce parts


When we have a pull-as-assembly part on a job, and we produce more than the job quantity, how do we track the “extra” parts?

For example, while producing a cart that has 2 doors, when the doors are Pull-As-Assembly (also, a Non-Stock item), we accidently produce 3 doors. How do we track this extra door?


You could do Job Assembly Receipt to stock for the extra door.
Then set MRP to recognize that you have one in stock and issue the assy to the next job.

So this would be a Job Receipt to Inventory? The quantity I enter would be equal to the “extra” quantity that we produced, right?


just in doing the transaction, select the assembly. Note - you need to make sure you have issue all material and applied labor to the assy prior to receiving into stock. You don’t need all of the job material to other assemblies issued.

Taking this a step further:

Is there any way to have overages be automatically received into stock? (Just the overage quantity, the expected quantity is Pull-as-Assembly).

Not that I know of. Best approach would be a dashboard that would review the expected and actual quantities completed so you would know to pull them out of the job.