Pulling Customer Number Into Configurator

The code as I read it will assign 123456 to always because if it gets a customer as the intCustNum will not be 0.  Do you mean to have it to be

/* this will be zero if we got no customer */
if intCustNum = 0 then do:
assign decCustNumBox = 123456
Hey All,

So I am on EPICOR 9 and I am trying to pull the customer number into a configurator so I can use it in a UD table lookup to pull in some customization information associated with that customer. I based my code off of PG 44 of the EPICOR Configurator Technical Reference Guide for EPICOR 9.05.701. The code is running before and after the line where I assign  intCustNum = QuoteHed.CustNum. It does not give me an error message it just fails to assign intCustNum equal to the customer number. I have copied my code below and would really appreciate it if anyone could tell me what is going wrong. 

/*The following code should pull in the customer */
Procedure PullCustomer:

/*Declare Variables*/
Define Variable chrCompany As Character No-Undo.
Define Variable intOrderNum As Integer No-Undo.
Define Variable intQuoteNum As Integer No-Undo.
Define Variable intCustNum As Integer No-Undo.

Assign intOrderNum = GetCurrentOrderNum()
             intQuoteNum = GetCurrentQuoteNum()
             intCustNum = 0.

/* Pull Customer Number from Order*/
If intOrderNum > 0 Then Do:
         Find First OrderHed Where OrderHed.Company = chrCompany
                                                              And OrderHed.OrderNum = intOrderNum
                                                              No-Lock No-Error.
         If Available OrderHed Then intCustNum = OrderHed.CustNum.
Else If intQuoteNum > 0 Then Do:
         Find First QuoteHed Where QuoteHed.Company = chrCompany
                                                             And QuoteHed.QuoteNum = intQuoteNum
                                                             No-Lock No-Error.
         If Available QuoteHed Then intCustNum = QuoteHed.CustNum.

If intCustNum > 0 Then Do:
Assign decCustNumBox = intCustNum.
If intCustNum <> 0 Then Do:
Assign decCustNumBox = 123456.