Purchase Orders Created from Requisitions

Hello Everyone,

Is there a way to have the all purchase orders created from requisitions have default to unapproved status?

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Are you creating the PO(s) from PO suggestions?
If so, I’m guessing you could achieve your goal via BPM(s)

When the tracelogs don’t give me the details needed (which I think will be the case with the PO’s) I’m sometimes able to use method directive messageboxes and figure out when the fields are set/changing. i.e. which BO.method(s) to work with.
PO.Update - where PORel.RowMod = ‘A’ and PORel.ReqNum > 0
PO.Update - where POHeader.RowMod = ‘A’
PO.Update - where POHeader.Approve changes from any to any
display the values for any “fields of interest”
(or sometimes Data Directives, e.g. tables POHeader, PORel)

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