Purchase Requisition, before and after approval

Hi All, I’m kind of stuck how to send email notification before and after approval for Purchase Requisition.

I would be great help if you guys can help

We send an email when the requisition is approved using a standard data directive on the SugPoDtl table.
The conditions are:

For a requisition that needs to be approved, we use a standard data directive on ReqHead.

Where can I search the standard data directives? in the windows It only show pre-processing, base-processing and post processing

You’re in the wrong menu. You’re looking for System Management → BPM → Data Directives Maintenance (not Method Directives)

Thanks @Dragos but how do you set the email to the approver?

I’m afraid it’s not that easy. I would do some searches on this forum to see what others did. You’ll need to try those until something works for you and what you have there. If you need emails for requsitions, you can start with Req.Update.Post method directive, if you’re looking for emails for PO Approvals, look into POApvMsg standard data directive.