Purchase RFQ report

Hi All. I'm trying to put together a report of open Purchase
RFQs. Something similar to the "RFQ Worksheet" in Vantage, but to include
all open RFQs for a given buyer.

1st question: Does anyone already have such a thing they'd be willing to
share? (I've heard practically zero mention of the whole RFQ module in
the year I've been on here, so I'm not holding my breath!)

#2: Any suggestions on how to effectively join and report on this? If I'm
understanding correctly, there are 2 tables, RFQVend and RFQQty that are
both related to RFQItem. What I need is sort of a "cross tab" between
these two, for each RFQItem. I need to play around in report builder some
more, but I'm not sure it can even do this.

Wayne Cox