Purchased Inventory Parts going into Inspection Warehouse

Epicor version 10.1.400.18

We occasionally receive parts from a PO with parts purchased to inventory and they are received into the Inspection Warehouse. I’ve checked the PO Detail, Vendor, and PartClass and they all have the Inspection Required set to false. The Receipt also shows the Inspection Required set to false. Any idea what could be causing this?

Is the Part Tran that is created for the receipt a PUR-INS or PUR-STK?

Does the part have a default Bin that is in the Inspection Warehouse?

PUR-INS. Part Warehouse is set to the ‘Material’ warehouse which is ‘WH01’. Primary BIN is empty.

It looks to me as if the user selected the Inspection Warehouse manually. Could there be any other explanation for this?

Two things that make me doubt that.

  1. the Tran Type is PUR-INS, which is pulled from filed PORel.TranType of the PO (at the time of the receipt)
  2. It is a Non-Inventory Transaction (maybe all PUR-INS are, I’m not sure.)

Check the field PORel.TranType where PONum and POLine match the receipt in question.

My guess would be that the following happened:

  1. PO was marked as Inspection Required
  2. The part was received, and created the PUR-INS transactions
  3. The PO was re-opened, and the line was changed, to fix the Insp Req error.

Also, was there more than one line on the PO Receipt? Because you show two transactions about 45 seconds apart, for the same Qty of 80 FT.