Purchaser cannot see uBAQ data after upgrade


We have recently upgraded from 10.2.500 to 10.2.700. When we did, we have one purchaser that cannot see their data in a dashboard, but they can see everybody else’s. Other purchasing agents can see all of the data just fine, but this one cannot.

I set myself up as an authorized buyer and either way I can see the data. I’m not aware of any new security for purchase agents in 10.2.700…

I use the following tables:

  • PartQty
  • UD11
  • OrderDtl
  • OrderRel
  • Part
  • PlantWhse
  • PartPlant
  • Person
  • ProdGrup


They went into the dashboard and updated the fields on another purchasers part. So the uBAQ portion is working.

Does a trace show anything special? Like the users own data not being fetched, vs not being shown.

Does this happen if that user logins in on another users machine?

I have no idea why, but when I moved the filter from the query header to the grid itself everything started working.