Purchasing Lead Time Hierarchy

Can anyone explaing the heirarchy of purchasing lead times for PO Suggestions? I’ve found three different fields where the lead time is entered:


I can’t figure out which field is driving the PO Suggestions, can anyone help explain the logic?


The primary driver of lead time for purchasing suggestions is the lead time of the part on the item master (Part). That can be overridden by a value in Supplier Price List, that is the only place I am aware of that will replace the lead time of a part that is set up through item master.

The same goes for subcontract operation lead times. Whatever is in the part master will be overwritten by supplier price list when MRP creates the unfirm jobs.

When you think about it, this makes sense, as it gives the ability to change an item lead time without having to involve engineering.

Thanks, Gil.

That makes sense for the behavior I was seeing. I had the Part Master set to a 40 day lead time, while PO Suggestions was showing a 0 day lead time. The Supplier Price List had a 0 day lead time, so it must have overwritten the Part Master.

Which field on the Supplier Price List takes precedence? VendPart.LeadTime (Parts>Detail>Lead) or PartXRefVend.LeadTime (Parts>Supplier Parts>Supplier Lead Time)?

Thanks again!

I don’t know the actual field name, but I can point out it’s location.

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Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face: