Purging logs - How to determine exact table size changes

We are preparing to do some testing on purging various logs in our database prior to upgrading to E10.
I am familiar with the screen for purging logs but I want to have more specific info from our SQL database.
I can right click the database and run -reports -standard reports -disk usage by table, but it isn’t clear to me which tables are specifically affected by the purge process. Some table names have “log” in them others don’t.
For starters I am interested in these tables based on the descriptor

  1. Job Audit Log
  2. Labor Detail Log
  3. Labor Header Log

Can someone please provide some clarification so I can document specifically which tables are affected by what ?

We decided to carry our logs over during our E10 migration and we will purge them after we go to E10 because the purge tools are better.