Pushing expected qty and selling qty into a field in the configurator 8.03.407C

Does anyone have the code to push these fields into a configurator?
I would like to do it in expected qty in the quote and selling qty in the sales order.

You want the values entered in the Quote Entry form to be passed to the Configurator?

What do you want to do with them once you have them? Set components or their qty’s based on the values passed? Like if it takes 1/10 of a sheet 4x8 sheet to make one, you stock full and half sheets, and want to use a half sheet when 5 or less is expected?

Correct! Once the value is in the configurator then I can use it to make sure that they configure the correct amount of units.
qty from the quote 4 units

option 1 - qty 1
option 2 - qty 2
option 3 - qty 1

Total from all 3 options = 4 units matching the quote total.

Does that make sense?

Not Sure I follow.

In your example, do you want 3 different parts made, whose total qty adds up to 4?
Opt 1 (Red), Qty 1
Opt 2(Blue), Qty 2
Opt 3(Green), Qty 1

So 1 line item that specifies 3 variants of a similar part?

If so, you’re better off making it 3 separate Quote/Order lines.

Yes, that will then require 3 jobs, instead of one. I personally would prefer the overhead (3 order lines, 3 jobs, 3 parts issues, 3 packer lines), to relying on some notes or instructions to make specific qty’s of the job total, of a specific variant.