QA - Non-Conformance & DMR for Job Assemblies


HT is new to the group, and we're not sure if you've covered this before,
but we're having lots of trouble figuring out the process for Non-Conforming
Job Assemblies in DMR. We are using Vantage 4.0 and have the Quality
Assurance module. We've figured out (kind of) the processes for the other
types of Non-Conformances EXCEPT Job Assemblies - this is the hardest one to
figure out.
We enter a Non-Conformance for a Job Assembly, inspect and fail it, it ends
up in DMR processing. What do we do with it after that? We need to rework
the item and then return it to the original traveler from which it came.

Anyone out there know the simplest way to handle Non-Conforming Job
Assemblies? HELP!

Peg Marshall
Hayward Tyler, Inc.