QR Codes on Tubes

Hello Everyone! Almost Friday!

I have been tasked with figuring out how to get QR codes lasered onto our tubes. They are a part of our radiators. I think we are just wanting the Job#, Part#, and maybe a couple other things. We are getting copy cats of our parts out there in the world and want to have a distinct mark that can be tracked back to us. Does anyone have a setup like this? We are just trying to figure out if this is possible, and what it would look like in Epicor. Any suggestions to even get this started?

We are looking at a laser machine to get the codes on, just want to make sure that this is even possible in the first place.

I mean there isn’t a lot of magic there, you can add an operation to your manufacturing process that is engrave and do the engraving

As far as getting the Epicor Job NUmber etc in the QR code that can be done via a BPM you could generate a file with the information you want and drop it somewhere and have that laser engraver pick it up assuming it has the capability to do so.

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I had a feeling that it wasn’t too difficult. I just have to figure out the BPM part to create the QR code and have it dropped to a folder. I think I remember how to setup an operation. Thanks Jose!

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