QtyOnHand doesn't match SerialNumber


Does anyone know how to resolve this little one or seen similar issues and maybe has a work around?

We have serial number B-EKRS108120 which has a status of Inventory and Warehouse and Bin set but the OnHandQty for PartNum: B-EKRS180 is 0

but I cannot seem to get it to show up in Quantity Adjustment unless I type -1 in Quantity box then the serial number will show up to be selected.

How can I get the bin a positive number and serial number selected? Epicor have just come back with Untick Serial Number tracked part which isn’t any help at all and also came back with create a Dummy Serial number and use Inventory Transfer and select the dummy serial but that also doesn’t show up.

What am I doing wrong?

Change the serial number status to “Adjusted”, then do the qty adjustment

That did it! How couldn’t epicor just tell me this without sending me down a rabbit hole!

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