Quantity Adjustment Cancel Adjust action

Hi there,

I’m trying to cancel the adjust action if a certain criteria isn’t met. Usually when doing this action I usually use BeforeAdapter, switch on the args.MethodName on the Update method, and set args.Cancel to true if the criteria isn’t met.

For this screen I can’t seem to do that. Is there a way I can achieve my goal?

You definitely need to move this code to a BPM so that it happens regardless of the client type being used (Smart Client, DMT, REST, etc).

Perform a trace of the activity, and then select the most suitable Method to create a BPM against.

I have a blocker on Qty Adjust, and for me this method works using pre-processing:



Cheers Mark I figured this out. I had to set it on SetInventoryQtyAdj.

It wasn’t working whenever I tried it, but then I realised I had to enable the actual Method Directive :grin: