Quantity Adjustment DMT - Error : Time zone not found on local computer

My last DMT before going live: Quantity Adjustment to place the inventory on bins. It fails with a message : the Time Zone ID ‘UTC-07’ was not found on the local computer.

Would someone be able to please point me in the right direction?

I was just curious so “Googled” - Time Zone ID was not found on the local computer

From what little I read, sounded like your options are

  • changing to a PC with a different OS version might help.
  • or the issue is “baked into” the DMT version you are using - i.e. download/try a different version from EpicWeb or open a case with Epicor?
    (or I wonder… what Time Zone might creep into an Excel template, try a CSV instead)?

Ref link to my Google search returns

Thank you for your help Bruce….
I did find out what the problem was. One of the Sites had this particular time zone id, as shown in its ‘Site Maintenance’ screen. Though it was not involved with the Quantity Adjustment, it somehow caused the problem…. Changing the Time Zone Id for that site resolved it…
It just took a while for me to navigate to the location of where the Time Zone Id was….
Thank you again for your help.

Thanks for the info.
Sounds “kind of” like a bug in DMT?
Or I wonder if you tried performing a manual qty adjust in E10 where that time zone applied?

Speaking to someone who knows better than I do, they indicated that the Quantity Adjustment DMT gets a lot pickier if you specify a date, as opposed to letting it pick the date automatically. And it goes to check all kinds of things that, for an ordinary mortal, don’t appear to be related…. So maybe not bug, but quirky behaviour…