Quantity field cut off for serial numbers


inside of the Select Serial Numbers screen, from customer shipment entry, there are two number fields at the top Transaction Qty and Selected. These show how many serial numbers you need to select and how you have selected. My issue is that when the number is more than one digit only the first digit appears unless the user clicks in the numeric editor. So for example if the Transaction Qty is twenty only a two will appear in the numeric editor until the user clicks in the textbox (for both the Trans and Selected qty), then the whole number shows; the two and the zero (showing twenty). Also this does not happen for all users. If i log in under the ‘Manager’ login i do not see this happening, however if another user does login under the ‘Manager’ login they will see it. They see it no matter which user they login as. I’ve also deleted all the personalizations off of the customer shipment entry screen and the select serial number screen. I’m a little stumped as to where to look next, any suggestions would be appreciated.