Quantity in inspection

We have an inventory item that will not allow a quantity to be entered and is showing an error message “Qty in inspection.” We do not use the inspection process, and there is not any info regarding inspection entered on the purchase order. The material has already been received and the invoice has been posted. Can anyone help to resolve this issue?

Somebody may have ticked the Inspection required flag while doing the goods in process, so have a quick look at the Inspection Pending report .

We checked both the receipt and the purchase order, and neither had the inspection box checked. We don’t use the quality module. Any other ideas for a resolution?

@lveitch Look at the RcvDtl record. If it has InspectionPending true or InspectionReq true and no passedQty or FailedQty that could be why. On all of my RcvDtl that are thru inspection InspectionPending is false.

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Greg, can you provide a little more detail about how to look that up? I am a bookkeeper not an IT person.

@lveitch Make a BAQ. If yu have neve made a BAQ before then I would suggest you engage Epicor support to help solve this issue. I don’t have 702A running anymore so i can’t make the baq for you.
Add RcvDtl and add a filter for just this partnum

Add all of the fields
go to analyze and click test.
look at the fields and find InspectionReq. If it is true then you may need to call support and get a datafix for the issue or open up inspection processing if you have it and don’t use it.

In fact if you have it, but don’t use it I would open it up and see if the part is there.

Hey Greg. We don’t have inspection processing because we don’t have the quality module. My real issue is that the system generated a count tag for physical inventory but now won’t let me return the tag because it has a lot number associated, and the part is not enabled to track lots. So I’m stuck in a vicious circle.

If I try to enable lot tracking, I get an error message that there is a quantity in inspection.
If I try to return the tag, I get an error message that lots are not enabled.
If I try to adjust out the quantity, I get an error message that lots are not enabled.
In neither instance can I remove the lot number from the process.

Is there a way to remove the lot number from the part file?

I should also add that when I go to part tracker and look in inspection under part locations, there isn’t anything showing in inspection.

@lveitch I think you are going to have to get a data fix from support.