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Sorry, My mail sent itself before I fininshed. I need all of the
information for 2007 and 2008 on each part number. Any ideas?

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Subject: [Vantage] Excel or Access Gurus
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It's days like this one that I just want yell, "WHY ME!"

Okay, here it is.

I need to combine two seperate Excel sheets with similar data. Here is
what I have in an example.

2007) Part Num, Acct No, Yr 2007 Price, 2007 Extended Price

2008) Part Num, Acct No, Yr 2008 Price, 2008 Extended Price

I need to have all of the data on the same excel sheet, BUT the part
Numbers have to match up and the 2007 and 2008 data for the part

For example using the headings above:

A1234 1000

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