Question - Do you need multi site to set up multi company?

I’ve gotten conflicting answers.
We are looking at setting up Multi company, but we are operating out of a single plant/site. Does anybody know if we need to set up “multi site” to set up “multi-company”?

I’m pretty sure you do, as it is one module that does both.

And you’re lucky. The Tech Reference guide leans more on the Multi-company setup than it does for single company, multi-site (which is we we are)

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You can have multiple companies without a multi site licence. We have 3 companies ourselves. The drawback is that you cannot do any inter company transfers/POs etc. It works for us since 2 of them are just holding companies and there is no intercompany transactions.

Vinay Kamboj


I wish they would call the module “multi-entity.” Then you decide if you want to do sites, companies, or a mixture.

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